Research Interests

  • Syntheses of novel transition metal coordinated macrocycles that have the capability of chemically and electrochemically detecting anionic guest species of particular environmental importance such as phosphate, nitrate, halides and carboxylates.
  • Study of Chemical and Electrochemical process for Environmental Applications.
  • Membrane   and Adsorptive Separations.
  • Electrodeposition of metals and alloys, growth of epitaxial metal oxide thin film
  • Preparation of Zinc-rare earth alloys.
  • The development of novel analytical methodology for the characterization and analysis of trace of metal ions in waste, chemical and pharmaceutical samples.
  • Solvent extraction of metal ions from ores and waste solutions.
  • Extraction and study of chemical composition of essential oil from medicinal plant.

Another aspect of my job is the supervision of research students and coordination of their work.

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